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Quick Facts

  • Gender Female
  • Sexuality Bisexual
  • Age 51
  • Height 5' 4" / 163cm
  • Hair Long Brown
  • Body Hour Glass
  • Bust E cup
  • Dress Size 14
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Language English
  • Category Body Rub for Men

About Me

Lyndsay- Rae of WEST END - Simply The BEST !

Please do remember to leave your phone number as I cannot see the call come though if I happen to be on the phone.


Weekend Specials - Take $20 off all except express.


Express 10-15 min-$60


30 min- $120


45 min- $180


60 min- $240





Please don't call unless you are prepared to leave a message.




 Hello Gentlemen.

Thank you for perusing my profile. My name is Lyndsay-Rae. Formally Charlize Mackenzie.

Please read all before contacting me.


As effervescent as a Berocca tablet, as refreshing as a dip in a mineral spring. A conversationalist by nature you will immediately feel relaxed in my company. My sense of humor is quite left of the middle, whilst still a woman capable of sincere empathy.


I DO NOT TAKE BOOKINGS VIA SMS unless you have previously visited me. Please leave me an audible polite voice message stating your name, mobile number, desired booking time, service and duration. Just as you would to a hairdresser, or any other small business.


First impressions do count, I treat my gents like royalty when in my company and do expect that you read what I have to say and make a booking with my preferred method.I receive many calls per day and no longer answer the phone. I find the genuine gents will listen to my recording and leave a message. AGAIN TEXT MESSAGES FROM STRANGERS WILL BE IGNORED.


My body is not unlike the screen sirens of yesteryear, ample breasted, full bodied, hourglass, SEXY! Exotic Relaxation is my forte. I have developed a unique technique during my many years exploring men’s bodies. My style of erotic relaxation is bespoke, nothing is routine or mechanical. I can let you know a tickle in the prostate zone is also included should you desire it, at no extra charge to yourself.

Yes. I use more than just my hands on you my breasts and mouth come into play as well :)


Please do not insult me by assuming that at these rock bottom prices A FULL SERVICE is provided. This is A GOD DAMN SEXY exotic relaxation with a few extras that you would normally find yourself paying for at no extra cost. Sorry no kissing.




Discretion and healthy services are paramount!

Prophylactics are NOT optional but mandatory during parts of my service.

I will never call you unless asked to do so, nor will I call the following day or after too much time has passed.


This service is for the 35 or older gent.


An hours notice before booking is always appreciated.

Contact Number: 0450 385 112


IMPORTANT I am no longer available full time. so it is best you ring and listen to my voice message for the day.

I will be only be available a few days per week, and only seeing a few gents on any given working day.


I do not work nights.


Lyndsay-Rae placing smiles on the dials of the red blooded over 35 men of Australia for over 19 years.

Things I Prefer In Private

  • CBJ
  • Erotic Relaxation

My Reviews

Star Masters:

I feel like I've spoken to Lyndsay for the better part of the last 10 years on various forums but never actually taken a punt with her. I know this isn't the normal way to start a review, but some qualification on my part is necessary so please forgive my unorthodox introduction. She moved to Sydney a while back but has only just recently returned to Brisbane and after chatting with her on the forums and in PM I figured 10 years was just too long :D


Firstly, I want to say that I had a really lovely time with Lyndsay. She is such a warm and kind person who really goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her service is professional, sensual and erotic with a clear understanding of how to push all the right buttons. I would say, however, at this point that Lyndsay is probably not for everyone. She's not young (and freely admits this) and her service is really more one that caters for the older gents who appreciate great company from a warm and compassionate lady. Lads looking for the Race car experience will certainly not appreciate her finer points. Her photo's are 100% accurate although she did mention that she felt it was time to update them at some point soon. I would describe her service more as a companion courtesan than a straight out escort. The conversation and her ability to make you feel right at home really are quite impressive.


The experience.

Lyndsay is currently working in a self-contained unit that is part of a larger renovated project. When you arrive it's clear that much work is going on there during the day (I visited at night). Lyndsay had to guide me through how to get to her apartment as it's not so obvious from the street. Handy tip - if you're seeing her in the evening a little torch (or the screen on your phone) wouldn't go astray to navigate the steps through the garage. Once inside, it's clear that the renovators have completed her apartment. It is well decorated and clean with one hell of a view of Albion Park and the City. In all, the premises is tasteful and inviting.


Lyndsay and I shared a drink and talked for what felt like ages when I first got there. As I've said before, her ability to make you feel at home is her strongest asset and you really get the sense that she's interested in talking. She has a great sense of humour and I found myself belly laughing a lot while talking with her. It was something that really helped set the tone for the session. After a while, Lyndsay suggested I have a quick shower before the session and provided me with a clean towel and loufa. I jumped in scrubbed everything and as I exited the cubicle, Lyndsay came in wearing some very sexy lingerie with no top. Omg - her breasts

Lyndsay then guided me out to her erotic relaxation table and got me to lie face down and commenced rubbing my body with warm firm hands. I have to say, I'm really not a fan of the R'n'T service model. For one, body rub almost always puts me to sleep. If it's too light I go down almost immediately and if it's too firm I find myself in pain and not able to relax enough to get horny. Secondly, I really do prefer the holistic experience where I'm an active player in the session giving as well as receiving. The R'n'T sessions have always, for me, felt too one sided where the girl does all the work and the guy just gets to relax into it and be spoiled. Call me weird - but that has always felt out of balance for me. Lyndsay's touch, however, was perfect. It was light and playful and really sensual in a way that had me responding like no other R'n'T provider has been able to in a long time. When she rolled me around for frontside... I was completely standing to attention. Without going into a lot of gory detail, Lyndsay has some special little tricks up her sleeve for the big finish, with special attention given to the two gents further down (definitely recommend scrubbing well in that shower with the loufa she provides to get that extra attention) .


The service ended with a hot towel rubdown and more charming conversation.


At $200/hour - Lyndsay is truly VFM :)


In conclusion:


- Companionship Courtesan Service over PSE with a young nymph

- Not young (over 40)

- Sexy Curvey mature body (Size 10 to 12)



- Charming warm personality (Funny and intelligent)

- Great location

- Really knows how to carter for the older guys

- Beautiful natural breasts that are quite large (DD)

- Service orientated (really concerned with your needs and wants)

- Sophisticated understanding of her job and how to please men

- Down to earth and friendly

navigate the steps through the garage. Once inside, it's clear that the renovators have completed her apartment. It is well decorated and clean with one hell of a view of Albion Park and the City. In all, the premises is tasteful and inviting.


Call or SMS


  From To
Today 11:00 AM6:00 PM
Wed 11:00 AM6:00 PM
Thu 11:00 AM6:00 PM
Fri 11:00 AM6:00 PM
Sat 11:00 AM6:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM6:00 PM
Mon 11:00 AM6:00 PM

Rates From

15 min $60
30 min $120
45 min $180
1 hr $240
Rates Extras


10-15 min $50, No massage, Attention to your private parts only.

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