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Riley Alexander


Quick Facts

  • Gender Female
  • Sexuality Bisexual
  • Age 44
  • Height 5' 6" / 168cm
  • Hair Curly Dark
  • Eyes Brown
  • Body Curvaceous
  • Bust G Cup
  • Dress Size 16
  • Category Escort for Men, Ladies, Transsexuals, Couples and Disabled

About Me

Scrumptious Curvy Busty Bombshell & Intimacy Artiste

Welcome! My name is Riley Alexander, and I invite you to indulge your most intimate desires with me. I'm a vibrant, confident and intrinsically sensual woman who thrives on exploring the outer limits of her sexuality with like-minded people.

The intrinsic nature of all my bookings is intimate, sensual, playful and passionate, and my luscious girlfriend style bookings are all about connection, intimacy, and authenticity, to ignite the passion between us.

I'm devoted to providing exquisite encounters for people of all genders, and absolutely revel in finding that thing that makes you tick. Let me show you how much I get off on satisfying my lovers.. *wink*

Couples are very welcome, I will need to talk with the lady first if you're a hetero couple.


  • Available exclusively by advance appointment. Please allow 24-48hrs notice or more. Same day or short notice availability in Melbourne is extremely rare. Min 3-4hrs notice required if available.
  • You're welcome to text, call or email. If enquiring for same day SMS is my preferred & best contact method.
  • Please always introduce yourself & let me know which city you're in, as I tour, so I can't assume we're in the same city.
  • Please provide preferred days/dates & times, how long you'd like to book & where you'd like to see me.
  • MELBOURNE if you can't host, please get in touch to discuss options.
  • Deposits are required to secure all bookings. Min deposit is $100 or 25% of fee, or 50% for longer bookings, couples & doubles. Please see my website for full T&Cs.
  • Sundays & Out Of Hours bookings attract a $50 per hour surcharge.
  • Travel fees apply to all bookings outside the metro area, unless close to my neighbourhood.

The quicker all of this boring stuff is sorted, the sooner we can play...

Can't wait to meet!  Xxx Riley 

[links to all of my other reviews can be accessed through my site, along with a full list of services and more images]


I like to feel refreshed and excited to start each day, AND to switch off at a certain time to keep clear work/life boundaries. So, please don't call or text after 9pm & preferably not before 9am in the mornings please. Email is fine for any time day or night, but replies will be during my hours, unless I'm available earlier to reply. I thank you in advance for your co-operations.  Xxx

Things I Prefer In Private

  • Affectionate cuddling
  • Affectionate kissing
  • Bi twin (double)
  • BLS
  • CBJ
  • Couples
  • Dinner companion
  • Fetish
  • Filming
  • Foot fetish
  • GFE
  • Kissing
  • Light bondage
  • Light spanking
  • LK
  • MFF
  • MILF
  • MMF
  • Overnight stays
  • Photography
  • Role play
  • Secretary
  • Sex toys
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Sexy shower for 2
  • Social escort
  • Strip tease
  • Cuddling and Touching
  • Dirty Talk
  • Overnight
  • Passionate Kissing
  • Teasing
  • Toys
  • Escort
  • Erotic Relaxation
  • Full Service
  • Sissy Play
  • Cross Dressing
  • Relief
  • FFM

My Reviews

December, 2017.

An Overnight Encounter

"I've had my eye on Riley for quite some time now but hadn't been able to nail anything down with her due to my crazy work hours. Finally I had some holidays owed so the first thing I did was call email Riley to book a whole night with her. After waiting as long as I had to get to book her an hour wasn't going to be enough. I wanted the whole nine yards, and time to get to know her more, she's so fascinating. 

I thought it'd be a lot more complicated to arrange, but Riley was very easy going to make a booking with and I felt very comfortable. I felt really comfortable booking her via email only as she is on twitter and I've gotten to interact with her which was reassuring to me that we'd get along and that she is a genuine and lovely lady. She even thanked me for the way I contacted her because she said it put her at ease straight away by how I messaged her. It was really kind of her to say that but all I did was follow the instructions she has on her advertising. haha Not hard ey? 

We worked out all the finer details of what I was looking for and she was very enthusiastic about the booking and fulfilling my desires and showing me an amazing night.

I booked my favourite hotel for this special occasion and we had dinner at this great little French restaurant just outside the city that Riley recommended after asking a few key questions about what vibe I was going for, what my likes and dislikes were, and if there was anything I didn't eat, or would like to try. She really made sure it was the perfect atmosphere and something I'd never tried before that she promised I'd enjoy and she was right. I even tried the snails and they were pretty tasty. I absolutely recommend that you put your trust in her as a pretty well experienced foodie with exceptional taste to choose the perfect place for you for any type of date you book her for, and she loves doing it. The food was just the beginning though. I am not entirely sure how I feel about all the intimate moments of mine or Riley's night being put online so I'll try to keep it respectful. She dressed demurely for dinner in a lovely dress just past the knee and that showed her beautiful figure but not all of it so there was still a tease. For after dinner she had some very hot lingerie she changed into. Just exactly what I liked. She really does her best to find out all your preferences before the booking. 

In the privacy of the room she is sensual beyond anything I've ever experienced, it was quite intoxicating or hypnotic or something. Whatever it was I loved it. She's also incredibly passionate and really let's herself go and takes you on a ride with her that's full of nuance and intention but also wild abandon. Not at all shy to ask for what she likes or to direct you to do things differently to work better for both parties. I really appreciated to tips and loved her forthright demeanour which I found really sexy because I love confident, assertive ladies. She's definitely sexy. She IS sex. Everything she does from the way she is always moving as if there's music playing just for her, to the way she tilts her head and holds her lips when you've peaked her curiosity during a conversation. It's all captivating and alluring and draws you into her world where her only goal is to make you feel like there's no one else on the planet, and she definitely does that. I am so grateful to Riley for a very special night I'll never forget. Or the following morning. Ha ha Best breakfast in bed I think I ever had. 

Riley far exceeded all expectations I had or her and how our night would go. She is witty and vivacious as well as really relaxed and down to earth and seemingly really eager to please because she just really enjoys making people feel amazing. You can see her excitement build and build the more aroused you get, it's like nothing I've ever witnessed. She's hilarious when having a lark, and impassioned when talking about politics and social awareness issue. (I think I phrased that correctly) I learnt so much about all sorts of topics I was sorry to admit I had been clueless about, but will endeavour to learn more and be inspired by her passion to help others. My mission now though is to figure out when I can see her again.

If you've ever thought about booking this goddess don't put it off a minute longer. She's outstanding. I'm a huge fan. Thanks Riley. xoxo"

- Felix



May, 2017.

This Lady’s First Body Slide!

"Riley is an extremely stunning and sensual lady. I am female, and had been curious about body slide massages for over a year now, but never got the chance to fulfill this particular fantasy of mine. I have followed Riley on Twitter for quite some time, so when I finally did the research and found out she did body slides, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that she did them. 

I sent her a message and she responded promptly and professionally. Deposit arrangements were made and I booked an appointment for the next weekend, feeling quite excited! 

The day came, and as this was my first ever time booking an escort I was quite nervous and not sure what to expect. Riley answered the door in a stunning looking dress with absolutely spot on makeup and she looked amazing. She spent some time making me feel more comfortable, sitting and chatting with me as we drank some tea and talked to break the ice, which made me feel much less nervous and apprehensive. Once I was feeling more at home, Riley gently took a hold of my hand and led me to the bedroom. 

The massage was absolutely exquisite. Riley had a warmed up bottle of massage oil, and ohhhh boy, she has the assets to pull it off! I felt every single movement down my back and I was in heaven. Up and down with the occasional squirt of oil when it was needed, and I felt every single time her nipples scraped across me. Eventually, her mouth ended up in a place unmentionable and good lord, the girl knows what she is doing. 

She is an absolute show stopper, and I would recommend Riley to anyone who asked me. She's very personable, easy going but knows what she's doing, and knows how to direct a person to where she needs them. Fantastic!!!!!"

- Alexia



April, 2017

"With Riley coming to Adelaide decided to book her with my regular HoneySqueeze. Man o Man I glad I did Riley is one amazing lady she warm, cheeky, passionate, intuitive, Sexy, caring, luscious, beautiful, and she knows how to entertain. Riley and Honey got on so well together it was hot and sexy even my glasses got fogged up lol. loved watching them inter reacti with each other I have to say it was one amazing experince. Having a spa with both of them under the stars was memorising. Can't wait to see her again and again!"

- Eothain



October, 2016

"When I saw that Riley was finally coming to Sydney, I jumped at the chance to book with her. I’ve had my eye on her for quite some time now, always lamenting the distance between us, but luckily getting to enjoy her witty banter on twitter over the years.

After a couple of emails back and forth we had a date arranged, and I paid a small deposit to make sure I did lose my time slot. Riley made this process feel so easy, and my confidence in my decision to book her buoyed even more. How was I ever going to last 3 long weeks until she gets here.

Some prebooking contact from Riley to let me know her process for how she provides location info and such was again reassuring, and she just has this really easy going playful attitude so it’s a privilege to get any extra communication with he

I arrive to see Riley standing in the doorway waiting for me in a vintage looking dress. So womanly, those curves, that cleavage. Out of this universe. She brings me through to the bedroom and it’s quite beautifully designed. Victorian looking furniture, a fire place, antique serving trolley where I saw Riley had put together a marvellous platter with cheese, cured meats and some berries. Very unexpected. She even had a delicate very old looking glass teapot over a candle for us. Such attention to detail. It made me feel like I was being very decadent and I was captivated.

After enjoying some of what was served to me I wanted to enjoy Riley. She was very adept at reading the situation and knowing when I was ready to get intimate. I admit I was quite nervous at first in the presence of my dream woman. She did not disappoint. Sexy, passionate, responsive, knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like. No guessing games here. I had a wonderful time with Riley and am actually trying to get another slot before she heads back to Melbourne. Definitely worth the wait."

- Kenneth



November, 2015

"Riley, a true beauty inside and out. When Riley mentioned she was coming to Canberra I jumped on the chance to spend time with her. After all Cleo Devine had said such lovely things about her I knew I'd love her. So after an initial message a dinner date was setup, I was very excited to meet Riley and as the day got closer we exchanged messages confirming times and booking the restaurant. When I met Riley where she was staying the door was opened by a lady who's pictures don't do her justice. She's even more attractive in person and I'm smiling as I write this review rembering that moment. So off to dinner we go, Riley even got me to try oysters which I loved!!! We chatted about so many things I felt completely at ease and the time seemed to just race away. After enjoying a lovely meal we ventured back to where Riley was staying and I'll not go into details as some things are left behind the door but I will say time with Riley is well spent and Riley is a passionate women and if you take your time and listen to Riley you'll have an amazing passion filled time that you'll remember long after you've left her embrace. If you enjoy spending time with a beautiful curvy caring passionate intelligent sexy lady then Riley is the woman you've been look for."

- Andrew



September, 2015

“Riley is a good looking woman with a very curvy figure. Love her look. The short dark hair ,creamy skin, bedroom eyes and the prettiest feet i have ever seen and im not even a foot fetish person but i could not stop staring!

She is very busty indeed and has a sultry nature about her that is hypnotizing. In her company i felt very relaxed and was treated to some hot amazing adult fun. She is a true professional. Will see her again for sure!”

- Phil



March, 2015

"Like the vast majority of men, my sex fantasy was to enjoy a threesome. Reading Twitter one day, a photo of Riley Alexander and Lila Payne together at a function caught my eye. I tweeted to the ladies that they would be a dream double for me. A little bit of flirtatious banter was exchanged, and then I contacted Riley with a message that if her and Lila were keen on offering a doubles service, then I would love to be their first booking. Happily, Riley and Lila were both keen, and from that point on, Riley managed the booking with complete professionalism. The date and time were set, a hotel recommended, and deposits organised. Riley kept in contact with e-mails asking me about what I would like to do in the booking and suggesting ideas for our session. 

After what felt like an eternity, the day arrived and a fantasy was about to be fulfilled. My nerves were running riot, and then I heard the knock on the door. A deep breath, and I opened it. Riley and Lila were standing there, elegantly dressed, with beautiful, friendly smiles. I welcomed them in and we sat down for introductions. Riley brought along some cheeses and charcuterie for us to eat, and the two ladies quickly calmed my nerves with some delightful conversation and flirting. It had been a hot Melbourne day, so I excused myself and had a quick shower. On returning, I found the ladies had stripped down to their lingerie, they invited me to join them, and the play began. 

The question about any kind of fantasy is that when it happens, does it ever fulfill the expectation? In this case, my expectations were blown out of the water. We had a two hour session and it was fun, playful, and at times, incredibly intense (so much so that I’m sure I blanked out from the pleasure overload).

There is a superb level of communication and understanding between Riley and Lila, and both were very good at introducing me to some sexual play that I hadn’t ever considered. Both ladies are highly skilled in the art of great sex, and my legs were still shaking the next day. 

I cannot recommend Riley and Lila highly enough, and the session was so enjoyable that we have made plans for another booking." 

- Danny



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Rates From

  In-calls Outcalls
30 min $300 $250
45 min $400 $350
1 hr $500 $450
1.5 hrs $750 $700
2 hrs $900 $850
3 hrs $1300 $1250
Rates Extras
  • DINE & PLAY [4hrs] $1250
  • OVERNIGHT [12-16hrs] $2800
  • A SHORT GETAWAY $3800 a day, up to 4 consecutive days.
  • COMPANION RATES ~ $200 per hour. For social activities only, but can be added to a sexual service booking.
  • ON TOUR - Incalls are my preference. [additional fee for outcalls]
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