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You can easily create and manage your own profile so that you can be found throughout Australia by State, City or Suburb on our unique Uber like search engine that customers use to find the nearest advertisers.

Photo Guidelines are as follows:
For best results upload recent and honest images of yourself.  See full instructions below on how to verify your photos to increase your return on investment. The photos must be of the actual person attending a meeting in order for you have the Photos Verified Label displayed on your profile.

Please do not steal images from other models from sites like Instagram, Social Media sites or the Internet in general.

Note. Victorian Advertisers require a SWA exception number or license number. E.G. SWA1234xe. Click on the  BLA link to find out

Thank you.



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That's what the customers want!

1.    FIRST PHOTO: Hold a piece of paper in your right hand with your #Username, Date and Escorts written on it. Do not hold the paper in front of your body or face. Please hold it out to the side.
2.    SECOND PHOTO: Scrunch/Crinkle the same piece of paper and then hold it in your left hand and take another photo.
3.    Please ensure you take a full body photo (Head to toe). If you don’t have someone to take it for you, stand in front of a full length mirror.
4.    If your face is not blurred on your profile images, do not blur your verification image.
5.    If your face is blurred on your profile images, your verification image must be an exact likeness to your profile photos. See tips below:

•    Wear one of your outfits, bra, underwear, shoes or jewellery from your profile photos. 
•    If you are displaying tattoos in your profile images, ensure the verification photo shows these tattoos.
•    If your profile photos are just of naked breasts or a bottom shot, please ensure your verification photo show your naked breasts or bottom.

Verification may take up to 24 hours to process. 

If we are unable to verify your profile photos with this verification image, the Editor will request you send more verification photos and will let you know what you need to include in the photos.
If you upload new photos after being verified and the Editor is unsure that it’s you, verification will be removed and you will be asked to submit a new verification photo.
Once you have sent in your verification photo, it will be sent to the Editor to verify your profile images.
Please be patient as sometimes it may take a few days. If you are unsure if your verification photo is going to be good enough, you can send others.

If we get reports that a different girl from the photos attend the appointment, verification will be removed and will not be verified again In the future. 


We will approve photos and leave in your photo bucket for our eyes only or use in your Gallery of public photos. Display up to 30 photos with Featured ads in your gallery and swap photos 24/7.

Take your profile down by un-ticking the 'Show my Ad' option. Display your web links and check your next client using our new ugly mugs searchable database, Tour Australia plus more.

Independent accounts start from $10 weekly with 1 location or $50 for 4 weeks with 2 locations or start at the top with a *4 week $110 Featured Package. Home page advertising now available. See all packages and account types.

1. Choose the State, advertising category and username then check your email . Click the link on that email and log back in  to complete your profile. A code will also be sent to your phone.

2. Then check some boxes for your Profile details. Helps people find you with our search filters.

3. Add your Text  and a catchy heading and reviews.

4. Upload your photos.  Tip - As you upload, you can choose which part of your photo displays in the 3 different site thumbnails.

5. Choose a location. Tip  - Start typing and choose from the sites locations. Extra locations and touring locations can be added later. Also all your locations can have different pricing and rates extra information.

6. Add your roster. This can be easily set weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly.

7. Choose a membership and a payment option. Purchase with Credit/Debit cards with our Secure ID payment gateway. Cash or direct deposit can be made through ANZ.

For help building your profile call Lily, on [email protected]  9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Have a great day.